Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Exciting Meals!

Yes, that title is right! I know that I am a photographer but I am also a wife and have two bellies (4 if you count the pooches!) to feed, which means I have to do a little cooking now and then! I really enjoy cooking and I have people asking for my recipes I use every now and then so I figured I would share them with my clients as well! =)

Yesterday I wanted soup and of course wanted my favorite soup, southwestern chicken and white bean soup, but I didn't have the complete ingredience for it so I "created" my own soup out of what ingredients I did have! I don't really know if this soup has a name or what to call it but it is a southwestern, Mexican style flavored dish of yummy goodness! =D

Anyways I made my own taco seasoning from this site since I didn't have any prepackaged seasoning and lets just say I will NEVER buy prepackaged seasoning again! This was sooo much better and cheaper! (if you already have the ingredients!) I did however use ground cayenne red pepper instead of the crushed red pepper, because I am picky! lol

Anyways here is what you need!
shredded chicken (6-8 chicken tenders or 2 chicken breast)
table spoon of taco seasoning
Cooking spray
32oz of Chicken broth
10oz can of rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies (do not drain)
16oz can of pinto beans (drained)
2 cans of cream of celery soup
table spoon of parsley flakes
salt and pepper (to taste)

Place shredded chicken and taco seasoning in a medium size bowl and toss until completely coated. Heat a large sauce pan on a stove top and spray sides and and bottom of pan with cooking spray. Put shredded chicken into pan and let it simmer, tossing occasionally, until dark brown. ( no more than 5 minutes at most) Pour chicken broth and rotel into pan. Place pinto beans in small bowl and smash with a fork until only a few whole beans are left. Pour beans into soup. Bring to a boil. Once the soup is at a boil add cans of cream of celery soup and parsley flakes! Keep at a boil until the cream of celery is blinded in, then reduce heat to a simmer (around 3 or 4). Cover and simmer for 5 minutes.
Add salt and pepper to taste and serve heaping bowl fulls to your loved ones! =)

Hope you enjoy this recipe!

Always, Kaela Kanehl

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Session {M Family}

It's catch up time! and no I'm not talking about that red stuff you squirt on your food! hah! Anyways, my computer is fixed and working like nothing ever happend to it! So now it's time to catch up on posting!

Here is the wonderful M Family! It was raining the day we took these pictures but mother nature was nice and spared us some time to take pictures without a ton of rain and even brought out the sun toward the end! =) Here are their sneak peeks!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

{Flavin Family}

This was such a cute family to shoot for! Their pictures turned out awesome! =)
Here are a few previews!

More sneaks peeks of recent session will be posted soon! Stay tuned! ;-)

-Kaela Kanehl

Super Excited!

The title tells it all! I am beyond excited to shoot sessions right now! I have got some GREAT new editing tools and some GREAT new tips for shooting! Seriously, you will love the new direction DK Photography is heading! =)

Okay I know a lot of you ask me suggestions on WHAT TO WEAR for your photo shoot. I know I know it can be an all day thing trying to pick out outfits for your whole family that everyone likes! ;-) Anyways, some of you tend to go neutral, which can be great but only for certain locations. For example, you decide to have everyone wear white shirts and blue jeans, but your session is on a sandy white beach, with that much white and light colors coming from the sand  you tend to get a dull, boring look because the colors are all the same! How can we fix this? Instead of just plain white shirts you could have white shirts with colored cardigans for the girls and mom, each one a different but coordinating color would be perfect!! How about for the boys and dad? You could put colored sweater vest that coordinate with the girls cardigans over the boys white button down long sleeved shirts! If dad doesn't like sweater vest (which I know some men don't) then he could wear a casual jacket or mens cardigan if he prefers! =)

Now don't mistake me when I say colors, that it only means solid bright colors! No a splash of pattern is okay (not too much though) and pastel and dark colors are great as well, even some grey!

Also, don't go overboard with jewelry or accessories. Small earrings and simple necklaces are great! Stay away from too much silver or gold jewelry to refrain from generating any flares or reflections from the jewelry!

The best outfits I can tell you to wear is something comfortable and to choose the colors you want in your shoot and then coordinate them in to each outfit with different pieces of clothing. Make sense?
If not, here are some examples to leave you with!

If you don't have kids and are just doing a couples session, of course you don't have to even wear the same colors, but colors that go well together are the best for photos! like some of these! 

This is an awesome shot by the way! =)

(Photos in this post are not taken by Double K Photography) 

New Blog!

Yay we now have a blog for all of you faithful followers! I will be posting in some of my recent shoots to get this blog up and running. Stay tuned for some new exciting shoots that will be posted in the next few days!! -Kaela Kanehl